DAMA´s General Assembly approves the 2022 budget, with a 7.05% increase in distribution

Revenue in 2021, €25,4 million, exceeds the budget by 1,78%. In 2022, DAMA expects to exceed 27,2 million euros in revenue, thanks, among other factors, to the growth of video on demand consumption and the recovery of cinemas.
DAMA has 1.837 members, 11.46% more than the previous year.
The assembly approves with a large majority the modification of statues, thus complying with the latest requirements and regulatory updates. With these changes, DAMA is adapting to its current size, simplifying processes and increasing transparency.
The General Assembly was held in a hybrid digital-presential format, with broad participation by means of telematic voting.

DAMA, the audiovisual authors’ rights management organisation, held a General Assembly at which it approved the budgets for 2022 and an update of the statutes. Given the concern regarding the new wave of Covid-19, the Assembly was held in a hybrid face-to-face-digital format, with the possibility of voting online. This option was the majority option, reaching 89.5% of participation.

The approved budget estimates that, by the end of 2021, the entity’s revenue will amount to 25.4 million euros, exceeding the budget twelve months earlier by 1.78%. DAMA expects to close 2022 at over 27.2 million euros.

This growth of 6.96% forecast for 2022 is mainly due to the increase in revenue from video-on-demand platforms, which already exceeds 3.7 million euros in the 2022 budgets. In addition, the recovery of the cinema-going public is reflected in a 105.13% increase in the budget for box office takings through this channel, reaching 2.8 million euros.

The budgeted distribution of royalties will reach 23.12 million euros, an increase of 7.05%. Digital TV operators remain the main source of royalty income, contributing more than €13 million to the distribution.

In terms of membership, DAMA continues to grow, closing 2021 with 1,837 members – an increase of 11.46% over the previous year – following the arrival of numerous film and daily series directors and screenwriters. With the new additions, the number of members of the organisation will exceed 2,000 creators. On the management side, the budget maintains its competitive administration discount of 10%; 5% in the case of rights obtained abroad.

Given the persistence of the difficult situation caused by the pandemic, the Assembly has decided to extend the Social Aid Plan available to its members, based on their own demands. Specifically, the budget for assistance and promotional funds has been increased by 15.67%, with a budget of 1.48 million euros, compared to the previous 1.28 million euros, which can be used to develop new projects and strengthen those already underway.

In addition, the General Assembly approved an update of the Statutes, the general and distribution regulations and the management contract. These instruments have been renewed by the organisation in order to bring them up to date with the latest legislation and to continue to guarantee efficient and transparent management.

Other activities

Beyond its essential work of rights management and distribution, the year now ending has been particularly significant for DAMA in terms of initiatives. One example of this is the ‘Cambio de plano‘ project, which analyses and promotes diversity in the spanish audiovisual sector, and the birth of the ‘Imprenta dinámica‘ collection -edited together with ECAM and in collaboration with Caimán Cuadernos de Cine- a line of publications that provides readers with useful knowledge for the film profession, as well as theoretical and informative reflections.

These have also been the months in which DAMA has made its new headquarters available to its members. A place with rooms for the work and meetings of the members of the organisation, with three small auditoriums that have been the stage for holding events: closed screenings of films and series by members of the organisation, such as La hija or Hit; the presentation of the script of Madres paralelas; or training courses for members, for example, on Branded Content.

In addition, programmes such as ‘DAMA Ayuda‘, ‘DAMA Cortos‘ and ‘DAMA Ayuda Series‘ offer audiovisual authors the opportunity to give shape and continuity to their projects, and even to bring them to the screen. ‘Los martes de DAMA’, the series of conferences, round tables and courses with film and television as the central theme, led by leading professionals from the audiovisual industry, are also back. As far as the health situation allows, DAMA intends to intensify these activities in 2022, which are more closely linked to strengthening the professional ecosystem of screenwriting and directing.