Audiovisual authors and the collective management of their rights in Europe

The Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA) publishes a new international brochure on collective management of authors’ rights in Europe, showing European countries with legislation that protects authors.

Film and TV writers and directors are at the heart of the creative process in the audiovisual industry, but their legal and economic situation differs widely from one country to another.

What audiovisual authors all over the world need is an “author” status, with all its consequences: authorship, royalties, and collective management. The more is enshrined in the law, the better for authors who do not have individual bargaining power, and for their collective management organisations to enforce their rights.

The brochure includes a statement from the screenwritter DAMA member Esther Morales: “I am surprised that there are countries that do not have these copyrights and even more so now that it is already a very global market where people who write for the audiovisual system usually write for a global market. So we have every reason to make sure that all screenwriters around the world have the same rights”.

It also sets out four components for good legislation: a remuneration right; unwaivable and inalienable; paid for by the final distributor; and collectively negotiated and enforced.

Read the brochure here.