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DAMA is a Collective Management Organization (CMO) in Spain that represents the interests of Audiovisual Authors

In Spain the so called primary rights are protected by the production contract, but it is the life of the work over the following decades that need to be monitored and fairly rewarded.  It is with secondary rights that copyright has an important role to play in protecting authors from unpaid use and moral abuse of their work.  Secondary use ranges from broadcast transmission in Spain and overseas to use via the internet and digital reproduction.

According to Spanish Intellectual Property Law, secondary rights must be managed by a CMO (which must be legally constituted, authorized by the Ministry of Culture and work as a non-profit society). As a CMO legally settled, DAMA is devoted to the protection and promotion of authors’ rights:

  • by encouraging the establishment of collective licensing schemes;
  • by fostering an awareness of copyright issues to enable writers to maximize their income, and
  • by ensuring that fees resulting from such schemes are efficiently collected and distributed.

Created in 1999 under an initiative taken by authors, DAMA is the first society specialized only on audiovisual author’s rights in SPAIN. Its functions are:

  • Collection and Distribution for global Copyright Royalties.
  • Implementation of individual Rights.
  • Political and Legal fortification of Copyright Protection.

Currently DAMA is formed by more than 900 direct members. It also represents and protects the interests of authors from France, Belgium, Canada, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Japan, South Korea, Slovenia, Ukraine, Moldavia and Azerbaijan through non exclusive representation agreements with collective societies from those countries; representing more than 100,000 audiovisual works in Spain.


An Audiovisual Authors’ Rights Collective Management Society

Since its establishment, DAMA has focused all its efforts towards the collection and distribution of royalties for its author members.
Run by authors to authors, DAMA administers audiovisual rights in a free, democratic, autonomous and independent environment in comparison to other authors, producers and publishers associations in Spain.


Authorization, Collection and Distribution

DAMA came into being with the specific aim of giving a unique treatment to audiovisual authors. Therefore, DAMA’s main function is to collect and distribute the royalties generated by the exploitation of audiovisual works.

Through representation agreements Sister Societies transfer their mandatory collective management rights to DAMA, which manage them on their behalf and guarantees them that the exploitation of their works are controlled and therefore their royalties correctly collected.

Based on this transfer of rights, DAMA negotiates agreements within the audiovisual sector, ensuring its members a fair remuneration for each modality of exploitations.

The distribution of royalties collected is made every three months in accordance to the distribution rules settled by the General Assembly. Every payment is provided with correct and comprehensive information; with this, the authors know exactly from who, when, where and why they are receiving those sums.


Derechos de Autor de Medios Audiovisuales (DAMA)

Gran Vía 63, 2º derecha
28013 Madrid, SPAIN

For all enquiries please contact:

Mrs. Meritxell Closa
Email: mclosa@damautor.es